My Contributions

Tools Used

User Research, Market Research, Wireframing, Design Sketches and Concepts, User Testing, Compiling and Analyzing User Interviews, Feature requests
Figma, Figjam, Miro, Google Suite, Grain, UserTesting, Coda, Tome


  • Worked as a team to understand what our potential users might want from our product, creating exhaustive lists, personalities, and journeys to explore
  • Contributed to design sprints, wireframes, product features that were reflected in each build of the product.
  • Took both a granular, and pie-in-the-sky view to our product, drilling down on specific moments and flows, as well as what we hoped we would build and show to the public.

Internal Testing

  • With a small team in a stealth startup, there was precious little user-testing outside of our group of 11
  • Took on the role of a super user of the product--constantly envisioning how different people might approach using it
  • Created target user personalities to work through the same journey with differing levels of care and interest, mimicking our users
  • Extensively researched competitive products, and the larger market


  • Iterated and discussed different approaches of using and entering the product
  • Extensively researched competitive products, and the larger market
  • Participated in a Year 2 product & design revamp--going from MVP to fleshing out components and features
  • Stress tested/QA tested product constantly for speed metrics, actively reporting and reproducing bugs

Sprints and Deep Dives

  • During Year 2, our approach changed to focus more on 1-2 month deep dives into specific topics/parts of the product
  • By deep diving into a specific situation and evaluating the different approaches, we could make a more accessible product
  • Continued to create feature request sketches and prototypes and work through prioritization with Product and Engineering
  • Began working under a more robust design roadmap, reporting to PM


  • When I graduated in the Fall of 2023, I immediately began working full time. This period was quite different from the initial year and a half due to both my role, and the startups goals for the first half of 2023.
  • Collaborated between a robust Design and Content/Product team to develop a 2023 roadmap on which target users group we would focus on
  • Coordinated our initial private alpha, moderating and providing support to our initial users
  • Compiled, analyzed and summarized user interviews from our alpha as well as user research from