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Tools Used

Design & Product Consultation, , Design

Intro to Deets

  • Asked by the team at Boston Venture Studio to take at look at their newest venture:
  • sought to create an end-to-end travel experience, educating and informing the user about where they were going, what to do there, as well as providing an in-app booking experience.
  • wants to create a more community and socially based travel experience, allowing users to share their experiences as Guides, of which they can provide affiliate links for.
  • Companies in this space like TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Kayak and Expedia are all exploring their own attempts at end-to-end travel. is looking to disrupt that with a team lead by Kayak Co-founder Paul English.


  • Before doing any design explorations for, I wanted to get a better understanding of the competitive space
  • My first question: Did deserve to exist?
  • Next, I decided to go through the current travel education, planning, and booking with an exhaustive list of competitors. I attempted to build a trip to the same destination with each website or app, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of their process.
  • Understanding that I travel in a specific (& unique) manner, I enlisted the help of two friends of mine to go through the same journey in their personas.  
  • With an understanding of the breadth of options, I set out to design a experience that created a personalized and intelligent end-to-end experience. When talking with the team, I learned that they felt their user-education and onboarding of the entire process was lacking.

Design Process

  • Took screenshots of main landing pages and create-a-guide flows, pasting them into Figma
  • Spent my first day doing a full design audit and critique, diving even deeper into what I liked and what bothered me with the current design.
  • With comments, arrows and red strikethroughs taking up my entire screen, I slowly built out my designs to iterate from the current version of
  • I felt that the main CTA was not truly the mission of, and spent a bit of time coming up with alternative wording

Final Version

  • It took me a while to get out of weeds and realize that my design for could be completely different from their current work.
  • I was so focused on emulating and iterating from the current product, that I didn't realize the framework and flow I wanted to build out was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I needed to redesign and rework from (basically) scratch.
  • Every person or designer has a different concept of what something should look like. This final version of my interpretation of seeks to provide a better onboarding flow-educating the user as well as giving AI a more niche prompt. It seeks to personalize the emotional moment of travel for a user, striving to create an experience that is uniquely yours.

Flow 1:

Retaining color palette

Flow 2:

New colors